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Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon - Locrian / Harpoon

Download Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon  - Locrian / Harpoon

Also, we've been getting a lot of requests for the "Drenched Lands" tape. We are all out of these, but it seems Oszillator Planet Concert - Tangerine Dream - MP3 Collection - Tangerine Dream Part 2 if Small Doses still has copies. I expect that those tapes will be available from Small Doses when "Territories" is released.

Posted by Locrian at PM. Labels: ShowsTerritories. Show Last Night. Thanks to everyone who came out last night and thanks to Steven Hess for playing with us and making us sound good.

We had a blast! We just found another write-up for the show at crustcake. Labels: Shows. Cold Cave and Hair Police canceled this show at the last minute, but it looks like the Bottle has thrown together a killer lineup anyway.

Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois Link here. Labels: New Rites. New Releases Imminent. From Small Doses. Looks like Small Doses will be selling some of the "Drenched Lands" tapes any day now.

Looks like "Terrritories" has been listed on discogs now. Posted by Locrian at AM. Labels: Drenched LandsTerritories.

Locrian - 'Drenched Lands' Review. By The Angry Goat. A lovely looking package encases the music, giving you an aesthetically pleasing start before you have even played the cd. Ambient music and in many ways drone and noise often impart a feeling of otherworldliness.

They let the listener drift away into a dreamlike state that merges with the music that can often be a unique and cherished experience. The artwork and atmosphere of the music lend a post-apocalyptic feel to this album. I feel that each listener will have his own personal experience when listening to this piece of music but for me I was taken on a trip through a deserted and lonely American landscape.

Images of backwoods towns and cities devoid of life passed before me. The music is at times beautiful and haunting yet can often turn eerie and then terrifying. Locrian are masters of their art and know when to play it cool and when to go for the jugular and ramp up the tension.

This really is a brilliant album and one that will be enjoyed by those wanting an intelligent and atmospheric experience. Thursday, February 18, "Territories" Update. The "Territories" LPs, covers, and insert arrived in Chicago last week. We've shipped all the parts to the labels releasing this. Anyone have a Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul Just For Tonight - Steppenwolf - La Hora Del Lobo you want to part with?

It doesn't have to be awesome, just a Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul Please get in touch: landofdecay gmail. The small doses copies have not yet been made available, but will be in the not too distant future.

Word will go out to the mailing list as soon as they are available. Andy Ortmann played some ultra-rare Locrian stuff fromapparently a live-set. The combination of white noise, variable static, low-end tunings, Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon - Locrian / Harpoon spatial arrangements turn Territories into a viscous mix of tar, oil, and mud that is unwashable. Territories is all these and more. An album as complex and theme-heavy as classic literature and as technologically integrated as human flesh meeting cybernetic parts, Territories captures the malaise of modern living in its onyx-tinted Petri dish.

As we swim around, confused by the blackness of our surroundings and confounded with how to clear up our messes, Locrian hovers in the disconnected netherworld capturing every emotion in its medieval ooze to cast us in plaster for ever more.

The solid base of tearing guitars, drones, subtle synths and screeching noise is still here, but this time around, Andre Foisy and Terrence Hannum are joined by Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon - Locrian / Harpoon variety of guest musicians, adding drums and other elements into the dystopian music. The A-side closes with a short noisy guitar soundscape that morphs into a raw black metal track, opening new vistas for the band. This Territories LP is yet another example of the fascinating music of Locrian.

Genre-crossing music for the 21st century. From: KEXP The dark recesses visited by Locrian are all too familiar to those who have grappled with their inner demons with accompaniment by doom metal and industrial acts for the Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon - Locrian / Harpoon quarter-century. The dark cloud that looms over Territories, the latest LP from Locrian through Small Doses, finds the group delving into the bottomless abyss of uncertainty.

Totally nihilistic music made my two very nice gentlemen, Territories also includes contributions from members of Nachtmystium and Yakuza, among others.

From: The Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon - Locrian / Harpoon True Dead Angel Here we have an album so immense, so blackened, and so heavy that it required four separate labels to lift it off the ground and cram it down your throat. Part of what makes this one so heavy is the additional firepower they bring to the game -- their diabolical fusion of noise, drone, and black metal is augmented by additional sonic death courtesy of guests Andrew Scherer Velnias on drums, Blake Judd Nachtmystium on Runnin Thru The Red Light - Various - Bangerz, Bruce Lamont Yakuza on sax and vocals, and Mark Solotroff Bloodyminded, Anatomy of Habit on electronics and guitar.

With the duo of Locrian backed by a full band, the result is a sound that's louder, thicker, and goes off in more directions than ever before. The opening track, "Inverted Ruins," makes this clear from the beginning, with plodding drums, bowel-scraping noise, and a serious commitment to skin-crawling dissonance. That violence finally arrives in "Procession of Ancestral Brutalism," Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon - Locrian / Harpoon -- after an uneasy introduction of vaguely atmospheric ambient noise -- a buzzing guitar, pounding drums, and pained howling swaddled in mountains of reverb usher the album firmly into pure, antagonistic black metal territory.

What a way to end a completely filler-free album. Heavy, heavy stuff, o my brothers and sisters, heavy stuff indeed. If you haven't been smart enough to worship Locrian yet, you really Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon - Locrian / Harpoon pick this up and get with the program. From: Rock-A-Rolla This is the point where Locrian's train picks up a shitload of devotees - the record that takes what's gone before and vaults it.

On Territories, the core of Andre Foisey and Show A Little Love - Ultimate Kaos - Show A Little Love Hannum may well be collaborating with other players, but this still feels like a truly Locrian record.

Territories isn't a polished production by any stretch, but there are clean lines of Gristilised thought in amongst the jarring synths and gobbets of noise. With a handful of collaborators on drums, saxophone, guitars and vocals, it's Bloodyminded's Mark Solotroff who sounds most integral to Territories.

His vocals are in turn brutal, lost, ugly and completely vital. An absolutely flooring album in an age where such things matter less and less. Last July I booked Locrian on an intentionally weirdo bill with three different kinds of grindcore groups Anal Cunt, Fuck The Facts, and Compremesis and a more straightforward progressive Opeth-style crew Gwynbleidd. It takes a nation.

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Ancestral Brutalism - Locrian / Harpoon - Locrian / Harpoon neccesary but I liked the idea Also, the rope used in the pics is just dockline I had, not what it will be rigged with on the boat! Feb 3, 3. That is a Go to War Harpoon. Looks great. How much do you figure it cost you?

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  1. "A well executed mash up of two of Chicago’s more notable enterprises of loudness – the long coming Locrian / Harpoon split 7” is finally complete. The vinyl portion of the release includes one song each by both bands. The accompanying digital card provides additional bonus material. This is Harpoon’s first release with a bass player.
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  3. Harpoon 4 (4th edition) is a tactical naval miniatures game that covers all aspects of maritime combat from to the present day: surface, sub-surface, and air. Extensively researched and tested, the rules allow play so relistic the game has been used for training by the U.S. and other navies. Harpoon uses the same format and terms as the other Admirality Trilogy games.
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  5. On the flip side, Locrian’s "Ancestral Brutalism" starts out similar to their other drone work, but the low frequency static texture is met with a monotone jackhammer drum beat, Andre Foisey’s complex, yet simple guitar work, and some downright metal screaming from Terrence Hannum.
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  7. Oct 30,  · Label: Hotflush Recordings - UK - Album: Scuba - Harpoon / Dream Artist: Scuba AKA Paul Rose - UK Label: dagxxx.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo Album: htt.
  8. BloodLust! and Small Doses are pleased to announce their co-release of "Territories," the second studio full-length from Locrian. The.

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