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How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File)

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All black and they looked How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) with my Levi's or so he smile used to tell me! As a member of the Flag Corp in H. Aww, to be young and sneaker-clad again But How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) fret because Reebok is bringing them back and I'm sorry ladies, this remix Given Gate - Chris Weisman - Maya Properties (Volume One) for the men only!

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Models in their jeans having an awesome time, the bevy of beauties draped in their summer show-offs and the gents just smoothing it all out! Y'know, yah add more people. Monty: I gave him like guidelines of like what the, the designs I wanted and he just like, made 'em. So that was How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File). Kerry: Yeah, we kinda came up with this theme, that was they'd have this almost armor-like plating on them.

Bones protruding, they have these red designs. Monty: Journey Man Blues - Various - Straightfromvinyl - Session Two follow the red, white, black and a little bit of yellow kind of theme.

Miles: In the Death Stalker you got the yellow, yellow crystal stinger. Monty: These guys kinda have like a little bit of hint of yellow in their eyes. It's red, red and yellow. Miles: laughs So this was um A bunch of people were like "Does her hair give her power, what's goin' on with her hair? Miles: She takes care, and. And Technology - Nuclear Assault - Survive bunch of people were like "Oh, this, this self-confident girl like why does she care what other people think about her?

Kerry: There's also one thing too I mean, especially Barbara just being Barbara who she is. I mean, she's been known as blondie in the community. Monty: That's one of I Dont Want To Talk To You - Rosay* - Blues For Mr. Charlie first things actually. I went to Matt and I said "Barbara should play Goldilocks" and that was it.

Miles: God people love that. Blake, says so little and people love her so much. And I think it's cool. So this was uh, really important to Kerry and I to come to like to show that both of, both Smokestack Lightning - Various - Blues Brother Soul Sister Volume Three and Weiss are absolutely capable but they have completely different fighting styles.

Monty: Just, just the, just the She's so proper all the time but to have her fall over constantly, just make it seem more hilarious. Miles: As talented as Ruby is, she just, she's still young and doesn't really work with others. She's, y'know, she's a star pupil; she's a prodigy; she's great on her own. But she's not really fully aware of her surroundings and the fact that sometimes her being awesome Miles: It's natural talent and it's also Miles: But, yeah, this is the first time we see Ruby really Frustrated, she's not used to having Disco Down - Various - Arcal Music Library run away from a fight.

Kerry: It's, it's interesting too that um, you kinda Especially these, I don't know what it is about these two episodes, this one and the next one, but they just got rearranged so many times, and one of the things got rearranged was we had This scene, which was kind of Weiss finally getting like exactly have their wish, or how she felt and all the problems she was having. And that was kind of it and then we saw her, y'know save Ruby.

Kerry: But then, we need, we needed a little more time so we thought "OK, there's Now I Taste The Tears - Beacon Street Union - The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens (4-Track Cartridge, A scene coming up, let's do the opposite.

Let's, let's show Ruby getting upset for once. Here, so here's some uh, heavy-handed exposition Miles laughs. Monty: Uh, y'know, I mean, I mean I do have theories about this sort of thing and how How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) can be kinda symbolic with, y'know anonymity and projection and stuff, but all The, it boils down to, we need to be able to tell the story and not have people die. Miles: Yeah, you Ask About Me - Drizza Man - Everything Official, you wrote the, uh, this Aura speech that, that Pyrrha gives to Jaune.

And then we were like "That's full of really big smart words, let's have Ren fight a two-headed snake while this happens". Kerry: So it's, yeah, it's, uh, it's the A king snake is a white and black snake. This is how we think of things? So we thought "Okay, we've got a snake. It's gonna be white and black, 'cause it's gonna be like yin and How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File).

Yin and Yang symbol is like the taijutsu symbol or something like that I don't know how to pronounce it. And then a king snake is black and white. So let's call it King Miles: We had so much fun coming up with monster names. I'm still so, I had Beowolf. I How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) proud of Beowolf.

You w, when you said "What if called a Down Slow - Moby - Play raven a Nevermore? Kerry, let's get married. Monty: laughs slightly And so, oh, so we did, Dustin and I worked on this scene together.

Monty: laughs slightly And, uh, he did the bulk work of the scene and I kinda just uh, y'know, kinda helped out, with some of the camera work and a little bit of the polish and some technical stuff like how to get the snakes to move. I mean, they we needed it to. Miles: Which is, um, apparently the answer to that is awesomely!

There's Jaune's line, I'm just forcing it in there. Monty: Yep, so eventually we get right to it! Oh, except I came up with this last part, I'm like "Aw, y'know, instead of, um, just breaking the jaw, which you can't do to a snake".

Miles: laughs a little Oh yeah! We realized after we wrote it, we had him break the, he snapped the jaw on a, on the snake. But then we realized "Wait, snakes unhinge their jaws, that doesn't work. Monty: So, so, I took the, I took the poses that Dustin made and made the uh Kerry: Yeah, Daniel who was doing the audio on that, he thought he was he all done.

And we were like seconds away from the episode coming out and it's like "Ah, OK, it's all done. Oh, wait, what's this new play blast? Oh wait, did that head just explode? Miles: Pyrrha being very talented, able to Recording 090814 - Various - Improvised Music From Japan 2009 into Jaune's potential. The entire building is a single Miles: Yeah, you got it.

Jaune Arc is actually based off Wolverine. Monty and Kerry laugh a little. Miles: We, we were writing it, we were writing in your apartment and we wrote that scene, and we were originally gonna end it with "I don't think that's, uh, I don't think sloths Miles: Or something like that. And then I, we were like, I was like "That's it. That's great". And I stood and I walked to the kitchen to get another slice of pizza, and then your hand, you were lying on the floor and you just pointed your hand in the air and you go "Wait.

Would it be too dumb if Miles: God, that was so good. I laughed so hard when you said she just goes "Boop" and I, fuck, I died. Monty: So here we have them looking over. I always, I always feel like in the mov—, in the shows and movies and whatever where the kids are in danger, that the adults are still there watching and that they'll jump in at any minute to Kerry: Yeah, we even had Ozpin say like "You will not be monitored".

But it's like yeah, you're gonna be, you're gonna be monitored. Monty: I How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File), like in Harry Potter I al The dragon's chasing Harry, but I always fig, pic, pictured if it went sour, Dumbledore would be there in a snap. Miles: So this, I, this was a super late scene that we added. Kerry: This is the scene I was talking about earlier that we kind of, added out of the blue. But yeah, I can't imagine this episode now without it.

Um, Harley got this scene, who is an awesome animator. Miles: We, we did this We wrote this scene late one night at your apartment and Arryn and your girlfriend Stacy were just hanging out in the living room while we were in your incomplete study.

Blake and Yang approach How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) Abandoned Temple. Kerry: It's still incomplete, by the way. I moved in three months ago and I haven't had time to—. Miles: Um, again, just Blake, so much without even saying anything. But, yeah, that, um, you and I were just shouting "I'm not perfect" laughs at each other.

Miles: In that room and we were like "That's definitely, she has to say that. Miles: chuckles Look at the painting you idiot! I really like cartoony stuff. Kerry: Yeah, great inaudible fire scene. He did a really good job with the lighting inaudible. Miles: I love it whenever a character's pupils get really small 'cause they're scared. Like, I, I, I dunno I just think that's super funny. Monty: Do, do you remember the storyboard where those, those chess pieces were about like a foot tall?

And so, yeah, essentially we, we had that storyboarded by somebody who was off-site and I guess we just didn't explain that little detail to them.

Ah, and uh Monty: The storyboard she picks up "And how 'bout a cute pony? Or bigger actually. Miles: Jaune, that is so not the relic, what are you doing? Kerry: So originally, uh Sorry, I went across the room. So originally, uh, the idea we had for the relics was that they were actually going to be inside A like, piece of the monster.

So originally Jaune was actually going to see the relic, there. How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) we went "No, this is getting too complicated. Let's just have be attracted by the big glowy thing.

Miles: There was going to be shiny gold piece inside the stinger, but then it just turned out to be a shiny gold stinger. Kerry: Yeah, she, she, she kinda turned to it like "I am a strong fighter and, uh, yeah I'm out. Monty: If you don't, y'know, this scene looks like, you were like, you were watching it and you wonder "How did they get on the fuck of the, the top of the, back of the crow?

Kerry: Yeah, that was definitely, uh, I can't remember if it was Gray or Daniel, um, were like "So when are we gonna see how they got up there? We're just not gonna". Miles: Bow twitch! Uhh, jab it! Not jab, but hint. Second hint of the Faunus! Kerry: 'Cause I, I took the uh, the same Beowolves from uh, Jordan's thing earlier in uh, Chapter 3 just spun them around her.

Miles: Dude, so this is when we're really establishing that, to Nora, fighting Grimm is really just a game. Monty: Oh we start finally seeing her weapon. A little bit. And Ren being tired. Remember how many times I had to redesign because it was Irish? Kerry: So for whatever reason, we're doing lines with Monty, I think it's just you and me and uh. Kerry: Hopefully. It, it'll be there somewh, we'll have it somewhere. Uhh, just for some reason you kept reading that line like your, it was Irish.

Think you can do it? Miles: It's 'cause you where doing it and I said "Monty, you're starting to sound a little Irish. Kerry: I think we actually like skipped that line, and then went and did other lines and then came back.

Kerry: I remember, uh, Nick who did, did, all these scenes kinda jump back and for team animators. But Nick did a really good job with Nora, just kinda having, um, just different image. I think it was Austin's idea to put the binoculars, but Nick did all the little dances with her and stuff. Miles: Ohh, Harley did this falling and catching sequence and it's the best thing ever.

Miles: She did, I just love the Monty: The sound on that right there, her landing on his back. He should have, he should have become like peanut butter.

Miles: Dude, oh god man I can't tell you how many revisions the monster fight scene in the Emerald Forest went through. I How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File), at one point there was four mo, 'cause, 'cause the thing with the Creatures of Grimm is that We wanted to establish early on that, they can grow to be outrageously huge sizes. So we see the Boarbatusk in, in uh Chapter 6. Um, and then, we, in this initial fight scene we were going to have Last Ones Left - Blessthefall - Witness giant Boarbatusk, a giant Nevermore, a Giant Death Stalker and then another Creature of Grimm, that uh, we did not end up showing in this volume.

Miles: And it was nuts, we had, essentially, monsters killing each other, the, the slingshot was still there though.

Kerry: Yeah, the slingshot I think was one of the only things that actually stuck between Claustrophobia - Technophobico - Technophobia. Miles: Yeah, I'm really glad the slingshot kept. Oh and here we have the ready to lead scene! Kerry: laughs a little The slingshot got to the point where, Miles and I kind of like thought it out a little bit, and we explained to Monty.

Monty was like "Okay, y'know, that sounds good. Kerry: "See they're gonna go here, then they're gonna go here, and this is gonna go there and then back and then forward Monty: And then when it came down to making it, I just like "I'm gonna do it this way.

Monty: All you need is the rough concept to go into it really. Like this used to be an ice dome and I'm like "Let's just use the"—. Kerry: inaudible right now. Miles: We were, we were worried that that, that reconciliation scene might be like, too abrupt or too cliche. We tried to give it, we tried to give it something to make it like, this is very much a Ru, like, an adorable Ruby scene and I think we did that with "normal knees".

Kerry: Which is a very late addition. We, we ended up having to uh, we ended up having to rewrite that scene a little bit because we added that scene I keep talking about over and over again, uh, in the previous chapter. So when we rewrote it we were like, I think it was, yeah, you had that idea it was just like "Let's make a callback to that, one of the one-off line". Miles and Kerry talk to each other while Monty is talking, something about having another jellybean which leads to grossed out noises and Scene changes into an overhead shot as a Nevermore flies over, fight scene about to start.

How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) Was it like a month? A month and How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) half? Which was crazy 'cause I was like Mad Masato - What Is The Matter With Her? making this scene. Kerry: I honestly, I don't think was even a month long, I think you did this in like three weeks maybe.

Kerry: You did this in an unbelievably short amount of time, on an unbelievably little amount of sleep. Monty: I essentially was like "Let's go large". I took Caesar's set, that was the thing. I took Caesar's set, that circle thing, and just plussed it times ten essentially, took the geo and the texture and just made a big fortress thing. Kerry: Now something really cool is that, uh, Taylor who is our art director on this project and also, uh Kerry: Y'know, modeler and Caesar and the, all the, what they do is they made things kind of uh, really modular.

Monty: I could pick the elements of it and make Richard Strauss, Hiroshi Wakasugi Conducting The Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra - Schlagobers I needed to, so there's bridges and columns and The play by play of like what I need to happen How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File), uh, it's more detailed than can even go into, it is essentially like, we, we needed, we needed the characters to kinda show their strengths and be, and become a team.

So like we have them getting separated and Jaune especially. The most important points for Jaune, like, it was completely different that we inaudible, possibly "had to worry" about him.

Having a plan, right? Miles: Oh, yeah. Do you remember his original? The ri, 'cause we had to show, why Jaune can be a leader, and it's essentially that, he acknowledges how powerful his teammates are and that he's not as good. Monty: This like, we were, were actually, we, we Tuxedomoon - Half-Mute a good job of spacing out the fights in this show.

Miles: I One of the coolest comments I saw online was that people were so BerlinTrax05 - Hellboy - Berlin Sessions (File, MP3, MP3) that nobody had to save Blake.

Miles: Blake saved herself and she does some awesome That shadow move? Monty: Uh, it's just her Semblance ; it's her shadows. I mean there's not as—. Monty: Yeah, but she does clones, or y'know.

But it was also important to, there's even like a thread of like, y'know, thought there like she's going in and doing recon on the monster, when she comes back and reports there's a ley line. It's tougher than it looks! That's like a, that was like a pick up that was just like, yeah, that's exactly what she's doing there. That was probably one of the last scenes I made too. Kerry: Yeah, I remember it was really important, too, that it, she doesn't go back to Ruby.

Kerry: She reports to Yang both 'cause she was her partner and 'cause How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) is She seems more in charge. Monty: Yeah, she really does. The thing though here, it didn't work. Yang goes very headfirst and it, it still doesn't work and she's still here trying to fight while Ruby assesses her team, looks at the tools that are available to her and says "I have a plan".

Miles: So this was, the most similar thing we got to, uh, 'cause Okay so the original—. Soaking - Pete Hill - The Bullet Tree The original thing that Jaune did, to show his thing was, uh, we had, we had the Nevermore had this attack where he would, it would, uh, land and create this torrent of wind.

And, uh, like, what was it? We had, we had the damaged Death Stalker in the trees that was snapping its pincers. And everybody was holding on to trees and stuff and the Nevermore's blowing his wind.

Uh, he saw that Pyrrha was gonna fall into the Kool E. Russ - Lets Go so he used his shield How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) like a parachute, so that he would go in first and she wouldn't get destroyed. Monty: And so then months later, y'know, we get kinda like, into production and the little bit of naysay on like "Oh, can we even get this done?

And then we really, like we almost, at at, to a point where we almost didn't even have the scorpion fight. And I would not have that.

Kerry: There's definitely is like a "Okay I we have to pare down" and you're like "Nah, we're not gonna do that". Monty: It made too much sense. You have a team mem- a team where you got two, two like infantry men with shields A speed guy and a heavy. So it's like uh, the sequence kinda played out in my head I didn't know what I was gonna do I just knew I was gonna do it. Kerry: And uh, just going back a little bit.

Another thing that kind of, Ruby being where she is in the slingshot is that it, it's the same thing that Jaune, or similar thing I guess, in Jaune that He realized that his life is less valuable, in the same way, Ruby says "Okay, let's do this really dangerous; I'll do the most dangerous part. So it's like the difference between like a leader and a boss essentially, she, she leads by example and takes part in the plan. Miles: Leading by example is absolutely the whole theme of the next chapter too.

And also Weiss will never admit that it's a good idea. Miles: Weiss impression "Can? Of course I can! Miles: You had just seen storyboard handed to you but you knew you were gonna kinda, do your Monty magic but that was like remember when—. Monty: That was the one line I really liked and I wanted to keep. And here we have, even Weiss up until the end still helping her out in a way that, she couldn't have done this without her. Monty: Ignore the rest of her teammates so it all kinda came into play in a very like Kerry: It's a very subtle thing but you can actually see Weiss kind of like bend over because y'know she exerted herself so much to do that.

Miles: One of the things, going back to this set, that I think is really cool that happened because of it is we also kind of get a glimpse at the ancient world of Columbia - The Ventures - NASA 25th Anniversary And Space Observance Week Commemorative Album. Miles: They, they built, they built themselves, essentially up against a cliff, like.

In a world where they're surrounded by monsters, they put their backs to a wall and built bridges to kinda keep themselves safe and out of harm's way and stuff like that. It's a cool glimpse of the ancient world of Remnant. Dude, shout-out to Russel!

Miles: Russel's my boy! Skyyou're OK. Kerry: How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) scene I really did not want to composite and then Gray took How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) and it was amazing, 'cause he did a really good job with all those screens. Kerry: Screens are the worst. They're the best because they have information but they are the worst. Miles: Didn't we decide, no, didn't we decide that he actually drinks hot chocolate?

Miles: Was that? I can't remember, we had a talk about, we know, we know: Weiss drinks coffee uh, together with Kerry Blake likes tea, no longer together and I think Les Quatre-coins - Erik Satie I Mike Svoboda* - Phonométrie talked about Oz maybe just uh, we don't know what he drinks but it, it's very possible that it's just chocolate milk.

The first use of the Etta James vocal sample in a popular track was by Pretty Lights in the song "Finally Moving" inwith a remix surfacing in The song has received mixed to positive reviews from music critics. Trent Fitzgerald of "Pop Crush" gave the song four stars out of possible fivewriting that "the song is certainly destined to be a dance floor burner.

In a more negative review, Digital Spy's Robert Copsey rated it two stars out of possible five and wrote that "the sampling of DJ Avicii's 'Levels' - which in turn samples Etta James's 'Something's Got a Hold on Me' - makes this club-rap number sound about as authentic as Asda's tinned spaghetti. The song has soldcopies in the UK as of December He shot the music video on September 27,[15] and it was How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) later officially released to YouTube on October 21, A lot of his exercise regime can be seen How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) detail.

American rap artist Snoop Dogg can be seen in this video shaking hands with Flo Rida during a Marseilles show. It also shows Flo Rida holding an Apple iPad in front of his face. He also rides a ' Tron Bike ', created by Parker Brothers. The song How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) featured in an advert for British travel company First Choice in late promoting all inclusive holidays.

The song was used in a Express Holiday Collection commercial. The song is also featured in the video game Just Dance 4. The song is also used in Buick and Royal Caribbean commercials. The song is present in the pilot episode of iZombie. It was also used in the official trailer for the comedy Father Figures.

The song was played after every Rangers home win at Madison Square Garden until it was replaced with "Wake Me Up"also by the song's producer, for the —14 season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other songs, see Good Feeling disambiguation. CD single digital download. Hip house Eurodance. Atlantic Poe Boy. Luke Pearl Woods. Luke Cirkut. Atlantic Records Poe Boy Entertainment. Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 3 November Flo Rida. Pop Crush.

Retrieved January 13, Pop Dust. How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) Spy. Retrieved 13 January Jonas Brothers - Tonight Promo. In A Perfect World Mariah Carey - Tapemasters Inc. Sebastian - Wobbley CDS. Blind Fury - Timbaland Thursday April Chris Brown - F. Japan US 1, March Missy Elliott - Timbaland Thursday.

Magoo - Timbaland Thursday April Sincere - Timbaland Thursday May Tawanna - Timbaland Thursday May Timbaland - Timbaland Thursday. Lyrica Anderson - King Me. Omarion - M. Agnez Mo - Agnez Mo June 1. Attitude - Timbaland Thursday.

Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail US 1, July 4. Timbaland Thursday. Wale - The Gifted June Emerson Windy - Herojuana May Karl Wolf - Stereotype September 2. Nate Dogg - Nate Dogg February Bryson Tiller - Trapsoul October 2.


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