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If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin

Download If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin

Common — Floetry. Daddy Yankee. Craig David — Summer Gouttes Dinstant - Various - One Year. Penelope — Get No Ooh Wee.

Ronnie Spencer One Day. Vula — U. K Shakedown Acapella. Lil Jon — Salt Shaker. Loon — I Do Acapella Incomplete. Legit Ballaz — Tatoo. Jay-Z Accapella. Lil Jon. Venus — Move back Acapella. Fabolous — Boogie Oogie.

Sweet Pussy Pauline — Wham Bam. Ying Yang Twinz — Difference - Dukus* - Alpha (All Media). New Booty EriczPage.

Movin Right Along - The Muppets - Movin Right Along X — Acapella. Eminem — My Band. Sedat — Horoz Bubbling Remix. Kanye West — This Way. Missy Elliott. Dre — Still D. Dre And If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin Elliott — Knoc.

Dre ft. Snoop Dogg — The Next Episode. He told told Mtv: " 'Higher' is my second single, Dre put it out because by the time we get ready to shoot the 'Higher' video you know [the song]. It's gonna catch on, and it's gonna be bananas. The [first] single is a joint called 'Fresh ' Dre did his first beat, in I heard [the beat to my song], and it sounds like it was his first beat.

He said he did it a long time ago, back in the N. A days. Daz Replies To The Riflemen! This shit is about to get crazy ya'll! The still untitled album is due out around Spring We know little information about it so far. They have posted up a tagged version of "Black Magic" on their website. This song will be featured on the new album. You can check out his e-card HERE for some snippets.

I've also found a rare music video that features Son Doobie. The video was released last year but didn't get much play. Watch it HERE. Intro Holla Back Droop So Many Flavors Streetstories Vol. Thats Okay Take You There The Bad Guy Ft. Duke Shiesty Art of War Ft.

Young Cap Brainz Drunk Goggles Ft. Come Out N Play Ft. Messy Marv, 10sion Excuse Me Say Somethin' Ft. Jenro Make it Pound San If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin, Dap Daniel I Love Round N Round - Chris Isaak - San Francisco Days No Big Deal While You Been Away Tequila Bodyshots Bonus Nasty Mind Bonus Peep www.

Thanks for lacing your boy with some VIP acess. I got you on anything you need homie. Now, back to the show. I If You Drive - Rockets - Disco Legend up with LatinaBeatz from this site, with her fine ass. The first group up was 7th Sign. Seen them before, real dope group. Didn't get any pics though.

They are actually a person squad, including a drummer, but this night they only had 5 people. Not sure why. Nonetheless, I suggest peeping them out here. Preview their album on CDBaby. Their emcees are very powerful and don't follow that usual Compton sound. Very dope group who are yet to get the attention they deserve. They have a singer, a Reggaeton artist, male emcees, female emcees, the works. A real eclectic group with a real crazy sound and great message.

Now, they're not on some preachy shit, but they're socially concious, and all of them can spit it hot. Watch for more on them here in the coming weeks. On to the next act. Skarekrow on the beats, and let me tell you, this boy is a problem. He's got some of the illest If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin I've heard in a minute. They all have mad energy and spit heat for the streets and the clubs.

I got a couple videos of their performance so you can see for yourself. I'll be dropping that in the coming time. I'm for sure gonna bring a lot more info on this group. They're being slept on, but it's time to change all that.

They got If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin album dropping and another one coming sooner than you think. Check out their official website. Next up, more Blowed members, Customer Service.

This is an 8 man squad, but they only had 6 members with them. They all looked rather young, but all controlled the mic well.

This group is truely breaking down the color lines, so to say, we find in Hip The Brainkiller* - Afrodita today. They got cats of all colors and creeds and cultures in their group.

I had heard their name before, but I've never seen them. I enjoyed their set. They have fun with Hip Hop, but keep it in it's purest form. But, if you're a close minded person who only wants gangsta shit, they may not be for you. Anyway, the entire crew has some real good energy. I'll also be bringing info on them. If you don't frequent the Project Blowed events on Thursdays, you can keep up with the crew on their Official site or their page on Myspace also.

Look for a video of some of their perfomance coming soon. Now don't sleep on this next emcee. I don't give a fuck, I'm big uppin' him like that. Trenseta is NOT for play. On the mic he's a beast. He's cocky, but he backs it up. Tren comes with depth, real lyrics and a great live show.

On stage, he's no If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin that he is on CD. Anyone who heard his Uncut Vol. Unfortunately, my camera started acting up during his performance, I was only able to get a few pictures and the video cut off. Not to worry, I'll be bringing the scoop on Tren and his Urban Legendz crew, soon. Planet Asia. What else is there to say? A Legend. An amazing emcee.

One of the greats out here. His live show is a must see. He comes out solo. No hype man, which is a major plus. He gets the crowd very hype. He performed some old cuts and did a lot of new shit. He even treated us to a cut off his up coming Mixtape. It was tight as hell. I got it on tape and I'll be bringing that exclusively to ya'll here. He mentioned that he and Cat will be collabing, so be on the look for that. It's gonna be major. One of the illest producers with one of the illest emcees, can't wait.

Also, don't forget, As is doing a full album with Evidence of Dilated Peoples. He's working hard, so support the man damn it! To close the show, you had the leader of the Project Blowed, Aceyalone. As always he puts on a great show, going through classics and new material.

Just as with the rest of the acts, I got some video of his performance. You'll just have to keep checking back for that. It's gonna be off the hook. Ace ended his set by bringing up a bunch of emcees who performed and they all started freestyling, in classic Project Blowed fashion.

Even Planet Asia joined in on the fun. Great way to end a great show. I'll be keeping ya'll informed on the Blowed as well, too. All the artists. Here are some pictures to keep you occupied until I get the videos ready. Ohhh shiit. It's the Riflemen baby!! We got another exclusive for you, another banger. I really like the chorus of the song. Special shoutout to Hustleboyflod for the hosting!!! Game "Westside Story" Remix ft. It's a completely new beat, banging if you ask me, and they added Busta Rhymes to it who dropped an exclusive verse.

The shit is pretty dope, Busta talks about him being on Aftermath, and more. Xzibit News, First Single Now "Hey Now" - October 5, By : Nima Pre-loaded with the high impact, bass-blessed, aggressive, street-hardened, West Coast hip-hop that his fans have come to expect, Weapons of Mass Destruction finds Xzibit digging deeper into his soul to create scorching salvos that get the party started while setting fire to your intellect.

As Xzibit himself puts it, " I want people to hear this album and enjoy it. Laugh with me, cry with me, Fl Frt Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 with me and think.

This is one strong record. Toi and more! And we already know the production is bound to be heated! We have 3 snippets below for ya'll to check out, just click on the highlighted tracks in the tracklist! Toi 5. Hattin Feat: Tawana Smith 9.

What U Wont Feat: Ms. Check Out X Radio! It's called X-Radio and can be accessed at XRadio. Enjoy banging music from new and up and coming artists everyday. Check out dj-quik. That would be the best news in a minute if it really happens, a new Quik album is always a blessing! We'll keep you up to date on this, so check back! The most important fact was without a doubt that Tray Deee is getting released from jail in 7 months!

This is very good news, considering that people were expecting 20 years Goldie also talked about his "After Party" album, his beef with Snoop Doggand much more. The homies from West Coast 2k have the audio of the interview up, so head over there and check it out! We wish Tray Deee best of luck for his release and hopefully we'll be able to hear him smashing over beats like he used to!

Introducing J Steez Pt. If you missed our first update, just scroll down the site to look for it, or check our News Archive. I have two preview songs from the album for ya'll to check out! Bug, and Ms. It's a certified banger, I urge everybody to give it a listen below: J Steez ft. Tiana - Feelin You Next up I have a song that you already heard if you read my 40 Glocc update from the other day. Free Hoodoo Thing - Brian Stoltz - East Of Rampart Street to me one of his best verses in a long time.

Make sure to check it below: J Steez ft. Hazes medley - The Rolling Tones - The Rolling Tones worked out how the randomiser works and have put links to each track with their titles on our forum over at dubcc. We're talkin' rap After releasing his HIGHLY overlooked debut solo " The Jakal ", which featured damn near the As Tears Go By (Alternative Version) - Marianne Faithfull - Live In Hollywood (DVD) West Coast, his non-stop grinding and huslting has brought him up to a point where people look at him as one of the West Coasts most promising prospects.

As we reported a few weeks back, the Riflemen are currently looking for the right deal to release the completed album on, and are also gonna release a mixtape really soon. To back up what I just said about 40 Glocc, I have three songs below for ya'll to check out. The copy I'm puttin' up is just a ruff mix, it's not the final mix. Check it out below: 40 Glocc - Runnin' And last, but not least is a song from J Steez ' upcoming album look for a detailed J Steez update tomorrow with more audio.

J Steez ft. The Zoo Babies! To order this CD now, hit up Enexes. We have 2 preview audio cuts up here for you to listen to before you make up your mind. But for those of you who've been following Goldie for a while, will know that he never dissapoints. Eastside Up Eastsidaz! Here is the tracklisting, to listen to the preview cuts, click on the highlighted links: 01 Intro 02 The East Side Feat.

Chingy is returnin' with his new record called " Power Ballin' ". The album is set to drop November 16th, and the first single " Balla Baby " is already gettin' heavy airplay. No word on wether DJ Quik will be contributing to this new record Turn It Up / Fire It Up - Busta Rhymes - The Best Of or not, but we will keep you updated.

We all remember the banging ass beat he gave Chingy for If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin first album That's right, " Bagg Up ". For now, you can listen or watch the video to the first single below: Video: 0.

Who's Clean 9. Fear Of A Mixed Planet Gotchoo Rime in the Mochanut We're All Killaz Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: King Size - Moses (55) - King Size on my sleeve, dont know why I walk around with it All niggas, they changed on me, claiming they were down with me Im oh so hot they looking like some underground niggas So much on my mind, aint got time to worry about these niggas Cant worry about these niggas Cant worry about these niggas I swear to God on everything, I cant worry about these niggas Its like money be made, I cant If You Got Crew (Dirty Version) (Acappella) - Sly Boogy - If You Got Crew / Its Nuthin (We Thuggin about these niggas Hundred K in a week on payday, I aint worried about these niggas.

You gotta check out.


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  1. Oct 06,  · Music video by Terror Squad performing Lean Back. (C) Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  2. Shop If You Got Crew / It's Nuthin [VINYL]. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.
  3. That's why I got gang-related rhymes But when I do a show ta kick some facts Us Blacks don't know how ta act Sometimes I believe the hype, man We're messin' up ourselves and blame the white man But don't point the finger you jiggaboo Take a look at yourself ya dumb nigga you Pretty soon hip-hop won't be so nice No Ice Cube, just Vannilla Ice.
  4. Oct 25,  · Category Music; Song MCs Act Like They Don't Know; Artist KRS-One; Writers Chris Martin, KRS‐One; Licensed to YouTube by SME (on behalf of Jive/Legacy); UMPG Publishing, AMRA, ASCAP, UMPI, EMI.
  5. Lyrics to 'Ain’t Worried' by Rich Homie Quan. Pain on my sleeve, dont know why I walk around with it All niggas, they changed on me, claiming they were down with me Im oh so hot they looking like some underground niggas So much on my mind, aint got time to worry about these niggas.
  6. I was just holdin' you down and you didn't stay down like you 'posed to I had you rollin' around in that Bentley Mulsanne and the Rolls too I had you glossin' on all of these bitches just like you was 'posed to I got you latest Chanel, and the latest Fendi, and the Gucci too I told you, I love you forever I'm never gon' change, I'm not stoppin.
  7. Sly Boogy If You Got Crew Feat. Jagged Edge. by sly boogy. Vinyl If You Got Crew/It's Nuthin' We Thuggin' by Sly Boogy Vinyl More Buying Choices $ (4 used & new offers) SLY BOOGY FATAL MISTAKE vinyl record. by Sly Boogy | Vinyl Tell us how we can improve.
  8. Scott Storch produced Sly Boogy's new single called "It's Nuthin (We Thuggin)" the song is off Sly Boogy's new album. you can keep up with the crew on their Official site or their page on Myspace also. Look for a video of some of their perfomance coming soon. are coming, and they sure as hell ain't holding back! We got another exclusive.
  9. Dec 14,  · Game Over (Remix) Lyrics: Bitch, what the fuck you still got your clothes on for? / Didn't you read the sign when you came through the front door? / No drawers, no bras, no laws / .
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