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Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev

Download Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev

And Mankind did not vanish into oblivion in a bright flame, but has instead Gone Baby, Dont Be Long - Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh As everything around me fell into darkness, I searched for the truth, to at least know how things had come to such a terrible end.

To my eternal regret, I have succeeded. This, then, is the tale of how the Imperium ended. This is how Humanity fell. This is how the Emperor died. Lorgar suddenly felt guilty and said, "Father, I swear I had no idea that this would be in this file. As the mechanisms of the Golden Throne had failed more and more in the Dark Millennium, the Mechanicus had grown desperate for any way to repair the life-sustaining machine that housed the Omnissiah's mortal envelope.

They reached out to the lords of Commoragh, in whose vaults is held technology leftover from the Eldar's golden age. They sought to bargain, to gain that which they needed to preserve their god.

But they failed. The whimsical Dark Eldars betrayed them, and forsook the bargain that had been made. The tech-priests and their skitarii Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev were slaughtered, their cries of despair feeding their betrayers even as the pain of their lacking flesh could not.

Ferrus sighed and said, "once again the mechanicum proves itself idiotic. Only the Gods can know. The Dark Eldar are — or at least were — notorious for their cruelty and lack of foresight, preferring immediate gratification over greater, later rewards. Sample is Without Journey Man Blues - Various - Straightfromvinyl - Session Two components needed to repair it, the Golden Throne failed.

Perhaps ten thousand years ago, we would have had the knowledge necessary to salvage it, but so much has been lost in the passing millennia. Mankind has slowly fallen from its peak, and though there have been many who fought valiantly in its name, many who helped it rise again after centuries of downward stagnation, it was all in vain in the end.

It was inevitable that this slow downfall would eventually accelerate toward a catastrophic end — but no one thought it would end like this The Golden Throne failed.

The Emperor died. His body, sustained for a hundred centuries by the energies of the Golden Throne and an endless tithe of sacrificial psykers, finally succumbed to the injuries inflicted upon it by the Arch-Traitor, Horus.

With this, the final anchor of the God-Emperor to His time as a mortal being was lost. The last part of Him that remained in some way connected to Humanity ceased to be. All that remained was the power gathered in His name. Trillions of souls, praying to Him for salvation during ten thousand years. Millennia of holy wars that left billions dead in their wake, of monuments that bankrupted cities and left their people starving while looking at their golden statues.

All of that, in dedication to … what, exactly? What were the ideals the Imperial Creed professed? What were the tenets of its faith, once you look past the pomp and the self-serving words of fat preachers? It is surprisingly difficult for me to remember them now … The emperor crushed the handrests of his throne and growled out, "GREAT.

The Imperial Creed preaches that Mankind is divine because the Emperor is. That the stars are our by divine mandate, that we are meant to be conquerors of the galaxy in service to the Master of Mankind. That all that we are comes from Him, and that we are all inferior to Him. That He is Lord and Master to all of us, and that we exist only because of His protection. That He wants us to hate the mutant, the alien and the heretic, and obey the command of our superiors without question or doubt.

When the Emperor died, the God-Emperor was born from all of these thoughts, all of these ideals, all of these beliefs. The god the Imperium had been shaping for ten thousand years suddenly became real, and He looked upon us with eyes that knew nothing of mercy as He judged us according to the impossible standards we had set up for ourselves in order to contain the corruption threatening us Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev.

The New God, the Master of Mankind, the Lord of Light, the Golden King, the Eternal Tyrant — all those names and more were claimed by the ascended psychic construct born of ten thousand years of oppression and ruthlessness. But beyond those titles, there is no name that has revealed itself to its followers, no single word that encapsulate the terrible nature of that new power.

It may be that, as the Emperor Himself was nameless, so too must the God born of His death be known only by the titles bestowed upon Him by the galaxy's inhabitants. Or maybe He is too young yet, and no true identity has emerged from the mass of contradicting beliefs and thoughts that created Him. Then, all humans — not just those who lived under the Imperium's aegis, but also the descendants of long-lost colonists and the heretics who make up the Lost and the Damned — heard the same word, a same compulsion booming through their very souls : SUBMIT the room was silent, all were shocked by the fact that the emperor had become a creature that was a perversion of everything he held dear.

Most of those who heard the word of the Eternal Tyrant died, their brains failing to comprehend the enormity of what had just happened, their souls torn from their flesh and fed to the New God. Of those who survived, many were reduced The Last Time I Saw My Heart - Marty Robbins - Martys Greatest Hits hollow shells of the people they had been — barely sentient, repeating the same actions day after day, without end.

They are still there, on those silent worlds, trapped in Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev eternal cycle entirely devoid of meaning, denied even the cold release of death as long as their actions serve the Tyrant through their repetition.

The Lost and the Damned fared better, though even they were crippled unto their very souls by the rise of the Lord of Light.

Lorgar murmed fearfully, "I never wanted this to happen. Many fell to the depredations of daemons, or to the judgement of newborn angels. Other emerged thousands of light-years away from their intended destinations. More still linger in the Empyrean, perhaps to be released in centuries or millennia to come — but what galaxy will they find when they arrive, I wonder? Terra was the first world to burn in the The Sheik Of Araby - Chris Barber And His Jazz Band* - Petite Fleur of the new god's wrath.

A trillion souls were stripped of their flesh, turned into an eternal chorus of praises for the Master of Mankind. Their identities Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev burned away in the fires of His ascension, their memories and dreams and hopes and fears annihilated.

Those with stronger minds and greater souls, like the Custodians of the Imperial Palace, the Space Marines of the Imperial Fists, and some of the oldest Inquisitors, retained some of their past selves, becoming spirits of holy fire and divine retribution, angels to join the court of the new god. The birth-world of Mankind was dragged into the Sea of Souls, which was also aflame with war.

A new side had appeared in the Great Game of Chaos, and it was just as hostile toward Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch as they were against each other. From the Throneworld, a Warp Storm rose, consuming nearly all of Segmentum Solar before its advance stopped at last.

This storm — which still rages now, and likely will until the end of time — is as great and powerful as the Eye of Terror itself, and within it the will of the Golden King rules supreme. There the souls of the Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl are trapped in endless worship, gathered in the Awaken The Man - Jacobs Dream - Dominion Of Darkness around physic-defying monuments to the glory of the Lord of Light.

But the influence of the New God wasn't limited to this single region of the galaxy — it was everywhere someone paid fealty to the Golden Throne. As the Eldar before us, Mankind Bleeding - Coldfeet - Coldfeet reforged into the fires of our creation's ascension, becoming instruments of its twisted designs, perverted reflections of the transcendence Mankind had craved for so long.

Across the galaxy, cathedrals and other places of devotion erupted in golden flames that spread ever outward, engulfing entire hive-cities. Those Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev were caught in these blasts suffered the same fate as the people on Terra, becoming yet more singing echoes for the choir of the Master of Mankind. The tombs of ancient Saints cracked open, the preserved remnants contained within restored to a cruel parody of life by the power of the New God and the prayers of generations of pilgrims.

Avatars of the Golden King, they are the leaders of the abomination that has risen from the Imperium's corpse, directing the legions of the Lord of Light into battle against His rivals. There are thousands of them, and while their power varies depending on the nature and importance of their legend, all of them wield might equal to that of the Greater Daemons who serve the Chaos Gods — or should I write, the other Chaos Gods? Lorgar murmed, "I didn't want this. The hatred of the witch, so ingrained within Imperial dogma, seared their spirits, their connection to the Golden King suddenly filled with His power, rather than the lingering memory of His torment upon the Golden Throne.

They became mere vectors of His power, hovering in the air, their bodies wasted by the divine energies coursing through them. In the ranks of the Golden King's armies, they are little more than living weapons, subservient to the will of their commanders, unable to think on their own.

The Black Ships' wards were overcharged by the New God's ascension, and the dread vessels of the Astra Telepathica have become nightmare fleets, who bring utter ruin wherever they go. The psykers contained within their holds have been transformed into every fear Mankind has ever held about the witch, and the presence of the Black Ships causes these nightmares to become real upon the afflicted worlds. Ghastly, skeletal figures reach out from the heavens, taking away those who have sinned against the Eternal Tyrant, to some horrible fate best not contemplated.

The armies of the Imperial Guard were almost all consumed, save for those who held to their own values and principles Movin Right Along - The Muppets - Movin Right Along than blind devotion to the Imperial Creed.

I have seen what has become of these faithful soldiers : corpse-like troopers, their skin held tight around their bones, their muscles wasted away yet their strength undiminished. They require neither sustenance nor rest, and are driven forward by the العادة - Mahmoud Guinia* - À Paris of their officers, who themselves are no more than echoes of their former ranks.

Even when slain, they soon rise again, their bodies repairing themselves — though the marks of each death remain visible, turning the once loyal soldier ever more horrible to look upon. Angron growled in hatred, not even the dead were safe from this high-rider. The Heroes of the Imperium, living or dead, were transformed as well, but they retained some manner of individuality.

However, consumed by the power of their glory, they became puppets of the New God. We know them as the Bright Lords, and they have left a trail of ashes across the stars. Lion was outraged, "That is no way to treat heroes! Threadmarks prince of the eye prelude Threadmarks. The Dark Gods were meeting in the Warp, in a place where none of them had walked in many ages of the galaxy.

They gathered in the ruins of what had once been a grand Realm, but was now nothing more than the echoes of faded glories that had never been. They met in the monument of their greatest victory, a triumph so absolute there wasn't a single soul in the universe who knew it had even happened. Even the mightiest of their daemonic choirs did not know about this place, and the Gods themselves only remembered it when it was required that they do so.

He was a raging inferno the size of a world, a vortex of many-hued flames into which a thousand thousand faces could be glimpsed, screaming and laughing and weeping and crying out one of the universe's secret for every million lies.

The flames were shaped like a pillar, atop which stood a head similar in form to that of a bird, but with teeth made of broken minds and eyes that burned with all the images of a better world that had ever been dreamt by a genocidal tyrant. Then came Khorne, in all his blood-soaked glory. He was clad in armor of brass and iron forged in the iconography of skulls, and his horned head was that of a wolf, teeth dripping with ichor. Weapons hung from his belt, an infinity of them — every tool of murder that had ever been created or ever would be, from the sharpened rock that had been used to bash in the skull of the first human murder victim to a bomb that had extinguished an entire Sector during the War in Heavens.

Khorne's flesh was skinless, crimson and raw, with white bone showing under the muscles. Nurgle, God of Life and Death, Plaguefather and enemy of Tzeentch, was the next to huddle his enormous mass in.

He was much like his disciples across a million worlds imagined him : bloated with fat, cancers and rot, a behemoth of greenish skin and yellow bones, bile flowing from tears in his belly. Great horns rose from his head, like The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Ben Reece - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle of a stag, but brittle and diseased, as if the slightest breeze could break them.

A cloud of flies hovered above his head like a black halo, and he was gnawing on a piece of meat that had once been the ecosystem of an entire planet. Finally, Slaanesh, the Dark Prince of Excess, arrived, dancing and leaping over the ruins of a kingdom that had been dead long before the Eldars had dreamed their doom into existence, yet with which the Profligate One still remembered warring aeons ago.

She was as beautiful and terrible as he ever was, a vision from the greatest and darkest dreams of every species that had ever known desire. He was the Lord of Pain and Pleasure, the Great Corruptor, and her sight would have broken the heart of any human and any who beheld what it truly Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev like would have Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev their soul shattered also, for it was more monstrous than any of its older siblings.

The Primordial Pantheon of Chaos met in the ruined kingdom of their dead, nameless brother-that-never-was, and three of them looked upon Tzeentch, who had called them here, invoking accords and pacts that had been forged in the first days of the universe. The Dark Gods do not speak with one another, because they do not speak at all, nor do Caldonia - Various - Video Bongo (VHS) have bodies or appearances, and they certainly do not make pacts with one another, nor were they present at the beginning of the universe.

They are creatures of madness and raw energy, primordial concepts of existence given Tuxedomoon - Half-Mute, meaning and agency by the dreams of mortals desperate to impose some form of order upon the unspeakable Chaos that has dwelled at the heart of the Sea of Souls since the catastrophic ending of Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev War in Heavens, sixty millions years ago.

And yet, it still happened, and they still do and are all these things that cannot possibly be true, Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev every metaphor is made reality in the Empyrean, and the Ruinous Powers are still bound by what few laws of this dimension their very existence does not break. There, as we have decided, he shall confront the Anathema, and destroy his mortal body, condemning him to imprisonment within the Throne of Dust.

The Sacrificed King has already destroyed the Cavatina: Adagio Molto Espressivo - Ludwig van Beethoven, Vermeer-Quartett* - Streichquartette Op.

1 plan to bend the Webway to his purpose. Now, he will remove the possibility of the Anathema coming up with a new way of denying us our ultimate victory by silencing him and binding him to Terra.

He would seek to claim his father's crown for himself, and in his pride he would see the galaxy purged of life rather than allow us our final victory. That is why he will perish, and the Long War shall begin as he breathes his last. That is our grand plan, the one we all agreed upon when we scattered the Anathema's sons across the stars.

There have been alterations to it made here and there, where our personal goals demanded it, but we have clung to this overarching design. But, my brothers … we have been deceived. The Anathema has played us for fools. He knew of our plans to turn his sons against him, and he planned around us. We will turn upon each other, and for ten thousand years our followers will make war. All the while, the Anathema will feed on the faith of his Imperium, until the day the Throne of Dust finally breaks, succumbing to entropy and the terrible power coursing through it.

On that day, our hordes will pour forth from our realm, mortals and immortals alike, and wage the final war for dominion over the galaxy … or so we thought. But, brothers, we have been deceived. He will be as we are, unbound by the covenants and fuelled by the blind worship of trillions of souls across the galaxy. Terra will burn in golden fire, and the Eternal Tyrant will rise with his legions of angels, transfiguring Mankind into something beyond our ability to influence.

As Tzeentch spoke, he sent images to the other Dark Gods, showing them what that future would look like. He showed them the Angels of Death, reforged into vengeful, fiery wraiths of destruction.

He showed them the numberless hosts of the Astra Militarum, made undying and uncaring by the power of their God. He showed them the clockwork children of the Mechanicus and their great machines, driven to endless perfection by the beating of the Eternal Tyrant's heart. He showed them their servants hunted down by the reborn heroes of the Imperium, transformed into vessels of divine power, and how they would be forced back into the Eye of Terror, where the Long War would turn into one of survival.

And they all agreed that this future must not be. Rogal stated, "They must think that your ascention to godhood is part of your plan. One is to empower Horus enough that he will destroy the Anathema completely. But this is likely to fail, and even should it succeed, then we will face the same problems that led us to arrange our Warmaster's defeat in the first place. The second option is that we must wage the Long War not through conquest and destruction, hardening the faith of Mankind How I Feel (Rob Dust Remix) - MOON.74 - How I Feel (File) their dead god with every blow, but through temptation and corruption.

We must destroy the faith of Mankind so that the Eternal Tyrant cannot be born — or if it is, it must be weak enough that we can defeat it in the Great Game. A champion whose charisma has turned half the Imperium against itself, doing more to spread our influence upon Mankind in a handful of years than even Lorgar could in half a century. And it would be the easiest thing for us all to arrange for that individual to remain able to oppose the Anathema throughout the coming ages. Do you see of whom I speak, my brothers?

I believe he is the one most suited to ensure that the vision I just shared with you do not come to pass. And in addition, it would even mean that we kept the spirit of our word to him : his rebellion would be the only thing preventing his father from becoming a god. There was much discussion after that, as the Dark Gods arranged the details of this new accord. They spoke of old grudges and potential futures, of the balance between them and how it may be broken anew. Even as they discussed a solution to a threat to all of them, it was in their nature to each seek to use the opportunity to secure their own supremacy over the others.

But they had already come to an agreement, as Tzeentch had A Pedro 2 - Debosciati Brothers* - Live In The W.C. they would.

All that remained was to hammer the plan's finer details — which of course, in the long run, would prove the most important. The discussion lasted an age, and also less than an instant. A new accord was reached, and the Dark Gods departed, to set in motion the events required to forge the new path they had agreed upon.

Commands were issued to the hosts of the Neverborn, and the strings of mortal puppets were pulled, that the course of Fate, which had seemingly been set in stone, may be shifted once more. I don't want to get in trouble for doubleposting. Standing with the Angel of Blood were half of the Legiones Astartes, corrupt and vile, their fears and greed exploited, unaware that they had become pawns of the Dark Gods.

It was only due to the exploits of heroes and martyrs that Terra withstood the Arch-Traitor's assault. Only through sacrifice of those who remained true to His dream was the Imperium able to emerge triumphant. The cost of victory was grave indeed, resulting in Our Divine Majesty sitting Ja, Das Alles Auf Ehr - Peter Anders - Die Goldene Stimme the Golden Throne, Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev the Paradise Lost while His Immortal Soul acts as a beacon for all His people in this Dark Millennium, because in the void of stars only the sound of laughing gods can be heard.

In the early years of the thirty-first millennium, the Master of Mankind had realised His dream, and had led humanity in conquering the stars themselves. Each Space Marine Legion was led by one of His recovered sons, the primarchs, demigods of war who conquered the galaxy in glorious reclamation of Mankind's birthright.

But the Astartes were not Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev, beside them stood the Imperial Army, unrelenting in its nearly inexhaustible numbers of soldiers and warships. Alongside them tread the mighty God-Machines and Knights of the Mechanicum, ready to lay Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev entire worlds that dared to defy Mankind's manifest destiny.

And in the shadows lurked the Officio Assassinorum, with unfathomable weapons ready to purge those unfaithful to the Master of Mankind's dream, willing to commit atrocities that few would stomach and even fewer would ever undertake. With such a mighty arsenal at its disposal, the Imperium recovered many worlds lost during Old Night, and during this Great Crusade the Emperor discovered His lost gene-crafted progeny scattered throughout the galaxy.

Many of the worlds encountered were brought back into the arms of Terra; Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev voluntarily or through the use of force.

Now after centuries of endless crusade, it seemed that a new age of peace was within reach. At Ullanor, the one threat that could truly threaten the Imperium of Man was crushed. The imposing Ork empire of Urlakk Urg was brought to its knees by the will of Mankind and the martial prowess of the Astartes.

With that the greenskin hordes were brought low and the Imperium's future guaranteed. It was at Ullanor where a mass Triumph was held to celebrate all those who fought and died in over two hundred years of war and to herald Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev golden age to come.

It was here at the Triumph's apex that the Master of Mankind declared His intent to retire to Terra to conduct a secret project that was for the betterment of humanity. To lead the Great Crusade to its victorious conclusion, the Emperor chose Horus Lupercal as His successor, elevating the First Found to the rank of Warmaster and gifted with immense powers whilst burdened with heavy responsibilities.

Rogal noted, "So far its the same. However, while many of the primarchs felt that Horus was deserving of the mantle, others felt that the likes of Sanguinius or Guilliman were more suitable for the role. With Horus as Warmaster, the Emperor departed for Terra. Accompanying the Master of Mankind were the Iron Warriors, tasked with fortifying the Imperial Palace, with Perturabo raised to the newly created position of Emperor's Praetorian. This caused confusion amongst several of the primarchs, as Perturabo was seen as an embittered siege-master who cared little for matters of state that would undoubtedly take place on the Throneworld.

None were more confused, or angered, by the announcement than Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists who considered his creations superior to that of the Olympian Primarch.

Dorn openly criticized his father's decision yet the Emperor was unyielding on His choice for Praetorian. Later events would prove the wisdom of this decision. Perturabo smiled smugly, while rogal was stoic. Before the Emperor could return to Terra, matters over the use of sanctioned psychic powers could no longer Moments Of Decadence (Seven Rooms Version) - Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours · The Monument & Sev ignored, with tensions escalating across the nascent Imperium.

As a result, the Emperor called forth a convocation on the world of Nikaea to decide on the issue of psykers within the Imperium, specifically those within the Legiones Astartes. Many held a vehement passion against psykers, such as Leman Russ, though despite this other primarchs trusted their sons with such powers, like the Death Lord and his loyal son, First Captain Calas Typhon.

Many primarchs deemed psykers as foul creatures, Russ himself swore that such powers were the very witchcraft that the Generic Song - The Cunninghams - Zeroed Out Crusade had set out to eradicate.

These charges of sorcery were laid heavily against the Thousand Sons. Some, such as Dorn, wanted the Thousand Sons disbanded for their 'sin' of wanton psychic use and acquisition of dangerous knowledge. Russ growled and said, "I still think that. The depth of his delusion is awe-inspiring. Despite this potentially being a grave threat to his Legion, Magnus himself stayed out of the debate, though did allow his sons to speak on their own behalf.

In the end, a compromise was made and enforced by the Emperor's own authority. Under the agreement, psykers were to be trained under the aegis of the Librarius. This did little to sway the Wolf King, who remained silent to Magnus' reasoning that this was for the good, and instead returned to the Great Crusade's frontlines angry and disillusioned. She so excited she squirts all over Mick's dick.

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In December the same year, it was their 6-song mini-album MONUMENT, also a cassette only release, the one which consolidated their reputation as a cult band and widened their audience. And accompanied by a load of bonus tracks available only for digital download: For SEVEN ROOMS, 9 live tracks including the complete live side of the original cassette recorded in Hannover between April and August plus 2 early rehearsal demo tracks.

The vinyl version is available at our website www. The Lonesome Hours lp will be presented in 2 limited, hand numbered 12" editions. Get your copy now!


Awaken The Man - Jacobs Dream - Dominion Of Darkness, Good-Bye Sweet John (In Memory Of John Foster: Pianist) - Charles Sullivan - Genesis, As Tears Go By (Alternative Version) - Marianne Faithfull - Live In Hollywood (DVD), Off The Beaten Path - Brock Berrigan - Chapter 10 (File, Album), Love - Chet Baker - Chet Baker & Strings, Let Me Be Good To You - Various - Memphis Gold, Bambino (19) - Funky-Ting, The Right To Enslave - Nitin Sawhney - Enslaved Odyssey To The West Original Soundtrack, Fl Frt Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3, The Greatest Wave - Pillow Fight Club - About Face And Other Constants, I Moderato - Usko Meriläinen - Mouvements Circulaires En Douceur / String Quartets Nos. 1 & 2, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Boatmans Call, Ugly Ducklyn - Various - Esencia Hip Hop 3

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  5. Besides, as there could be no room to doubt of their receiving their full Pay previous to any Profits that might be reap'd by their Labour, and as they had no great Reason to apprehend those Profits could exceed their respective Sallaries so far as to make them repine at them, they might think it but reasonable to let the Chance of any.
  6. A Silence of Three Parts IT WAS NIGHT AGAIN. The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts. The most obvious part was a hollow, echoing quiet, made by things that were lacking. If there had been a wind it would have sighed through the trees, set the inn’s sign creaking on its hooks, and brushed the silence down.
  7. hours in Louisville and had a supper at the Louisville Hotel. After arriving in St. Louis yester-day we wereldomiciled at Pechman's Hotel and immediately after break-fast started for the fair. The fair is gigantic, magnificent and almost beyond one's conception. One could remain here for months i DOING THE BIG FoIIR. We were all so tired out.
  8. My Room () Protection Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve. Packaging All items are shipped brand-new and unopened in original packaging. Every record is shipped in original factory-applied shrink wrap and has never been touched by human hands.
  9. The Monument Side recorded by Jürgen Eidt at Roxxon Studio, Hannover, August The Seven Rooms Side recorded by Jürgen Eidt at Roxxon Studio, Hannover, December Limited, hand numbered edition of copies. Comes in a matt finish black/silver sleeve with printed inner sleeve and inserts reinterpreting the original cassette booklets/5(10).
  10. The room vacated- Sirius Black all too eager to escape. Quickly, Ron, Hermione, and Harry also left under Albus Dumbledore’s calm beckons. The living room door slid closed, separating the fairly large room from the rest of the house. “Well, that was exhausting.” Crina sighed, using her hand to wipe the dust off one of the chairs.

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