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Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation

Download Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation

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Models Near You See All. Models Online Now See All. Password Forgot Password? Keep me logged in Login. Journalists witnessed one such killing in Vukovar's main street. After Vukovar fell, people were lined up and Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation to walk to detention areas. As the prisoners walked by, local Serbian paramilitaries pulled people out of the lines at random, claiming that they had to be executed because they were "war criminals.

The selection of those who were to be executed also was done as these people were leaving the shelters. Around people from Vukovar's hospital — non-Serb patients, medical personnel, local political figures and others who had taken refuge there — were taken by the JNA.

At least 50 others were Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation elsewhere and never seen again. Further mass killings followed. At Daljnorth of Vukovar, where many inhabitants were previously massacrednumerous prisoners from Vukovar were subjected to harsh interrogations, beatings and torture, and at least 35 were killed. Detainees who were not suspected of involvement in military activities were evacuated from Vukovar to other locations in Serbia and Croatia.

Serb forces singled out a number of prominent individuals. Among them was Dr. Vesna Bosanacthe director of the town's hospital, [] who was regarded as a heroine in Croatia but Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation by the Serbian media. Her husband was subjected to repeated beatings.

After appeals from the International Committee of the Red Cross[] the couple were eventually released in a prisoner exchange. Vukovar was systematically looted after its capture.

A JNA soldier who fought at Vukovar told the Serbian newspaper Dnevni Telegraf that "the Chetnik [paramilitaries] behaved like professional plunderers, they knew what to look for in the houses they looted. He was acquitted of the war crimes and crimes against humanity that he was alleged to have committed elsewhere, including in Vukovar.

In Decembera Serbian court convicted 14 former paramilitaries for their involvement in the hospital massacre. He was granted Russian citizenship in and died in Moscow in November Following Serbia and Montenegro's dissolution inthis suit was passed on to Serbia. In Februarythe ICJ ruled that Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation battle and ensuing massacre did not constitute genocide, but affirmed that serious crimes had been committed by the JNA and Serb paramilitaries.

The Serbian and Croatian media waged a fierce propaganda struggle over the progress of the battle and the reasons behind it. Both sides' propaganda machines aimed to promote ultra-nationalist sentiments and denigrate the other side with no pretence of objectivity or self-criticism.

The Croatian media described the Serbian forces as Makin Whoopee - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella And Louis Again Volume 1 terrorists" and a "Serbo-Communist army of occupation" intent on crushing the thousand-year dream of an independent Croatia. The Croatian newspaper Novi list denounced the Serbs as "cannibals" and "brutal Serb extremists".

The Serbian media depicted the JNA and Serbian forces as "liberators" and "defenders" of the Serbian people, and the Croatian forces as "Ustashoid hordes", "blackshirts", "militants" and "drunk and stoned monsters".

There were overt appeals to racial and gender prejudice, including claims that Croatian combatants had "put on female dress to escape Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation the town" and had recruited "black men". Victim status became a central aim for the propaganda machines of both sides, and the battle was used to support claims of atrocities. Victims Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation interchangeable as anonymous victims were identified as Croats by the Croatian media and as Serbs by the Serbian media.

According to the Serbian opposition periodical Republikathe state-owned station TV Novi Sad was under orders to identify any bodies its reporters filmed as being "Serbian corpses".

According to Human Rights Watchthe bodies belonged to those who had died of their injuries at the hospital, whose staff had been prevented from burying them by the intense Serbian bombardment, and had been forced to leave them lying All Your Love I Miss Loving - Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble* - In The Beginning the open.

Serbian television continued to broadcast Whisky Com Guaraná - Teodoro & Sampaio - Vírus Da Paixão of "massacred Serbs in Vukovar" for some time after the town's fall. Such victim-centred propaganda had a powerful motivating effect.

One Serbian volunteer said that he had never seen the town before the war, but had come to fight because "the Croats had a network of catacombs under the city where they killed and tortured children just because they were Serbs. Although the claim was retracted a day later, it was used by the Serbian media to justify military action in Croatia. The international community made repeated unsuccessful attempts to end the Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation.

Both sides violated ceasefires, often within hours. Instead, a Conference for Yugoslavia was established under the chairmanship of Lord Carrington to find a way to end the conflict. The European powers abandoned attempts to keep Yugoslavia united and agreed to recognise the independence of Croatia and Slovenia on 15 January International observers tried unsuccessfully to prevent the human rights abuses that followed the battle.

This is Yugoslavia, and I am in command here! There was no international media presence in Vukovar, as there was in the simultaneous Siege of Dubrovnik and the subsequent Siege of Sarajevoand relatively little of the fighting in Vukovar was broadcast to foreign audiences. The British journalist Misha Glenny commented that the JNA, the Croatian Serb government and many ordinary Serbs were often hostile to the foreign media, while the Croatians were more open and friendly.

Much popular war art focused on the "VukoWAR", as posters dubbed it. News of the surrender was dismissed as Serbian propaganda. The Croatian government was criticised for its approach to the battle. The only explanation that many were willing to accept for the town's fall was that it had been given up as part of a conspiracy. In an apparent attempt to silence them, both men were briefly detained by the Croatian military police. The revelations caused public outrage and reinforced perceptions that the defenders had been betrayed.

From a military point of view, the outcome at Vukovar was not a disaster for Croatia's overall war effort. The battle broke the back of the JNA, leaving it exhausted and unable to press deeper into the country.

Vukovar was probably indefensible, being almost completely surrounded by Serb-held territory and located closer to Belgrade than to Zagreb. Although the defeat was damaging to Croatian morale, in a strategic context, the damage and delays inflicted on the JNA more than made up for the loss of the town. Following the battle, Vukovar became a symbol of Croatian resistance and suffering. The survivors, veterans and journalists wrote numerous memoirs, songs and testimonies about the battle and its symbolism, calling it variously "the phenomenon", "the pride", "the hell" and "the Croatian knight".

Writers appealed to the "Vukovar principle", the "spirituality of Vukovar" and "Vukovar ethics", the qualities said to have been exhibited by the defenders and townspeople. The imagery emphasised the Croatian nature of Vukovar, which at the time was under Serb control.

The ruling HDZ made extensive use of popular culture relating to Vukovar as propaganda in the years before the region was reintegrated into Croatia.

The campaign was commemorated by the release of a compilation of patriotic music from Croatia Records. Our arrival in Vukovar — the symbol of Croatian suffering, Croatian resistance, Croatian aspirations for freedom, Croatian desire to return to its eastern borders on the Danube, of which the Croatian national anthem sings — is a sign of our determination to really achieve peace and reconciliation.

Although the battle had been fought in the name of Serbian defence and unity, reactions in Serbia were deeply divided. The JNA, the state-controlled Serbian media and Serbian ultra-nationalists hailed the victory as Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back The Clock triumph.

They were helped by Central European scum. They crawled from under the papal tiaraas a dart of the Al Martino - Painted, Tainted Rose tongue that protruded from the bloated Kraut and overstretched Eurocommunal anus. Most irredentist propaganda focused on the region's proximity to Serbia and its sizeable Serb population.

The Croatian Serb leadership also took a positive view of the battle's outcome. The battle was portrayed as a successful struggle by local Serbs to defend their lives and property from the aggression of the London - The Smiths - The World Wont Listen state.

Serb H.A.L. - SebastiAn - (Productions & Remixes) dead were denied recognition, and the only people buried in the Serbian memorial cemetery at Vukovar were local Serbs who had fought with or alongside the JNA. In contrast, many in Serbia were strongly opposed to the battle and the wider war, and resisted efforts by the state to involve them in the conflict.

When the JNA tried to call up reservists, parents and relatives gathered around barracks to prevent their children taking part in the operation. A number of Serbian opposition politicians condemned the war. I cannot applaud the Vukovar victory, which is so euphorically celebrated in the war propaganda of intoxicated Serbia.

I cannot, for I won't violate the victims, thousands of dead, nor the pain and misfortune of all Vukovar survivors Everyone in this state, Serbs but especially Croats, have established days of the greatest shame and fall.

By late Decemberjust over a month after victory had been proclaimed in Vukovar, opinion polls found that 64 Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation wanted to end the war immediately and only 27 percent were willing for it to continue.

Desertions from the JNA continued as the well-motivated and increasingly well-equipped Croatian Army became more difficult to counter.

By the end ofSerbia's political and military leadership concluded that it would be counter-productive to continue the war. The looming conflict in Bosnia also required that the military resources tied up in Croatia be freed for future use.

Although the battle was publicly portrayed as a triumph, it profoundly affected the JNA's character and leadership behind the scenes. The "Serbianisation" of the army was greatly accelerated, and, by the end ofit was estimated to be 90 percent Serb. Many individual JNA soldiers who took part in the battle were revolted by what they had seen and protested to their superiors about the behaviour of the paramilitaries.

The atrocities that they witnessed led some to experience subsequent feelings of trauma and guilt. Vukovar was more of a slaughter than a battle. Many women and children were killed. Many, many. The slaughter of Vukovar continues to haunt me. Busted - Ray Charles - Anthology night I imagine that the war has reached my home and that my own children are being butchered.

He called it their "right and duty" to resist the "evil deeds" being committed in Croatia and said: "Let those who want it, wage it. We do not want this war. They halted a column of 60 JNA tanks but were dispersed by force the following day. More than 1, people had to flee the area. This action, nearly seven months before the start of the Bosnian Warcaused the first casualties of the Yugoslav Wars in Bosnia. Macedonia's parliament adopted a declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in Januarybut it did not take effect until a referendum in September confirmed it.

A group of Macedonian JNA officers secretly sought to prevent soldiers from Macedonia being sent to Croatia, and busloads of soldiers' parents, funded by the Macedonian government, travelled to Montenegro to find their sons and bring them home. Vukovar suffered catastrophic damage in the battle. Croatian officials estimated that 90 percent of its housing stock was damaged or destroyed, [] accounting for 15, housing units in total.

The wind whistles through the deserted warehouses along the river front. By next spring, grass and saplings will be sprouting and birds nesting in these piles, and hope of rebuilding will be over. When Michael Ignatieff visited Vukovar inhe found the inhabitants living in squalor:.

Such law and order as there is administered by warlords. There is little gasoline, so Old peasant women forage for fuel in the woods, because there is no heating oil.

Food is scarce, because the men are too busy fighting to tend the fields. In the desolate wastes in front of the bombed-out high rise flats, survivors dig at the ground with hoes.

Every man goes armed. The population increased to about 20, as Serb refugees from other parts of Croatia and Bosnia were relocated by RSK authorities. They initially lived without water or electricity, in damaged buildings patched up with plastic sheeting and wooden boards. This UN peacekeeping force provided security during the transition period between and The community did not recover its mixed character: Croats and Serbs now lived separate social lives.

Although the Croatian government sponsored reconstruction efforts in and around Vukovar, the Serb-populated town centre remained in ruins until Both Croat and Serb residents believed the government had neglected it deliberately, in order to punish the Serb community. Signs of the battle As Tears Go By (Alternative Version) - Marianne Faithfull - Live In Hollywood (DVD) still widely apparent in Vukovar, where many buildings remain visibly scarred by bullets and shrapnel.

The riverside water tower has been preserved in its badly damaged state as a memorial. The town hospital presents an exhibition and reconstruction of the Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation in the building during the battle.

Local guides, some of whom lived through the battle, offer tourists the opportunity to visit these and other sites on walking and bicycle tours. Every November, Vukovar's authorities hold four days of festivities to commemorate the town's fall, culminating in a Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation of Memory" held on 18 November.

This represents the expulsion of the town's Croat inhabitants and involves a five-kilometre 3. It is attended by tens of thousands of people from across Croatia. Untilthey held a separate, low-key commemoration at the Serbian military cemetery on 17 November.

Local Serbs who died fighting alongside the JNA were buried by the Croatian Serb authorities on a plot of land where Croatian houses had once stood. After Vukovar's reintegration into Croatia, the gravestones were repeatedly vandalised. So Fine - Various - This Is Mersey Beat Serb community replaced them with more neutral gravestones without overt military connotations.

The Croatian sociologist Kruno Kardov gives the example of a prominent memorial, a large cross made from white stone, where the Vuka flows into the Danube.

According to Kardov, Serbs rarely if ever go there, and they Wont Go Near The Water - Various - Country Focus November 91 Polygram Compilation great stress if they do. A Serb boy spoke of how he wanted to know what was written on the monument but was too frightened to go and read the inscription; one day he got up the courage, ran to the monument, read it and immediately ran back to "safety". As Kardov puts it, Vukovar remains divided by an "invisible boundary line The battle is widely commemorated in Croatia.

Almost every town has streets named after Vukovar. As a symbol of Croatia's national identity, Vukovar has become a place of pilgrimage for people from across Croatia who seek to evoke feelings of "vicarious insideness", as Kardov describes them, in the suffering endured during the country's war of independence.

Some gather in front of the town's main memorial cross on New Year's Eve to pray as the year ends, though such sentiments have attracted criticism from local Croats for not allowing them to "rejoice for even a single night", as one put it. This has led to it becoming as much an "imagined place", a receptacle BerlinTrax05 - Hellboy - Berlin Sessions (File, MP3, MP3) Croatian national sentiment and symbolism, as a real place.

Kardov concludes that it is questionable whether Vukovar can ever once again be "one place for all its citizens". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heavily damaged in the battle, the tower has been preserved as a symbol of the conflict. Croatian War of Independence. Timeline of all major events Log Revolution Events in Serbia. Main article: Vukovar massacre. Main article: Propaganda in the Yugoslav Wars.

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